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Egg Hunt: A British Easter Tradition

Easter is rapidly approaching and children all over Britain -- but not only! -- are getting ready to rush around their homes and gardens in search of eggs, which may be foil-wrapped and made of chocolate, real hard-boiled eggs left to cool and later painted, or eggs made of plastic and filled with chocolate or sweets.

For many British families, it just doesn't feel like Easter without the annual egg hunt -- a tradition which, along with Easter eggs, became popular at the turn of the 20th century when family life gained importance and Easter became more focused on children.

The game is usually played outdoors, but can also be played indoors. Eggs are hidden for children to find, with varying degrees of difficulty to suit children of all ages, who typically collect them in baskets. When the hunt is over, prizes may be given for various achievements, such as the largest amount of eggs collected, the biggest or smallest egg, the most eggs of a specific color, and so on.

It's a fun family activity, enjoyed by kids and adults alike, which fosters a sense of community and tradition.

You certainly won't want to miss it!

Have an EGG-cellent Easter from the CLC staff!

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