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5 Fun Expressions for Summer

It's no secret that Italians love summer. As the bella stagione gets closer and closer, everything in Italy slowly starts to change-- the clothes, the temperament, the activities, the opening & closing times of shops, and especially the number of tourists.

A simple day-trip to any important Italian city like Florence, Venice or Rome, or even a day on the beach, is enough to witness the mass of tourists that fill Italian cities and beaches in the summer.

There's no better opportunity to meet people from all over the world and practice your English skills!

That being said, why not learn 5 fun expressions to use this summer?
  1. It's a scorcher
    • "A scorcher" is used in American Engish to mean "a very hot day" 
  2. Let's soak up the sun. 
    • "Soak up" is a phrasal verb that means "to absorb" or "to enjoy something" 
  3. Tonight I want to hit the town.
    • This is an informal expression that means "to spend time in an area of the city that has many bars and restaurants" 
  4. Today I feel like taking a dip in the pool.
    • The expression "take a dip" simply means "to swim" 
  5. All I want to do this summer is kick back and relax.
    • The phrasal verb "kick back" means "to relax" 
Now you're officially ready to enjoy the summer with some great English expressions! 

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