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English- The Language of Problem-Solving

Have you ever wondered why there is such a demand for English? Why is English becoming more and more important in the business world and society as a whole?

These are the types of questions we often ask our students to consider at Centro Linguistico. We don't just help our students learn languages. We also encourage them to think about and talk about the cultures and lifestyles of the languages they are learning.

In an interesting TED Talk (if you don't know TED Talk, you should definitely check it out), Jay Walker discusses the questions above and explains why (and how) people around the world are working hard to learn English.

Before you watch, try completing this matching activity with some vocabulary used in the video:

1. hysterical (adjective)
a. so loud as to make it impossible to hear anything else
2. to let (someone) down (verb)
b. a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs
3. pandemonium (noun)
c. causing or able to cause death
4. deafening (adjective)
d. to cry
5. alarming (adjective)
e. wild and noisy disorder or confusion
6. to weep (verb)
f. difficult or impossible to imagine or comprehend
7. unimaginable (adjective)
g. worrying or disturbing
8. turning point (noun)
h. fail to support or help someone as they had expected
9. deadly (adjective)
i. affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion

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