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Meet the Team: Genny

We're happy to introduce another teacher as part of our "Meet the Team" series!

Genny has been working at Centro Linguistico Cesena for a few years and has become an increasingly important figure on our team of teachers. She's a perfect example of a teacher who never stops learning, researching, problem-solving and improving. That being said, we hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about another great teacher here at CLC.

1. Where did you grow up? 
I grew up in Romagna and through my experiences I have learned to appreciate its beauty and quality of life. But my heart belongs to the UK where I found my second home, an incredibly welcoming culture and hearty freedom of expression.

2. When did you start teaching? 
I started teaching soon after the end of high school, teaching both mathematics and English, a peculiar combination that helped me maintain a practical approach to teaching.

3. Why did you go into teaching?
At the time I found it a natural choice to make. I have always been very fond of the English language and I realized that, although being a teacher is a difficult profession, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

4. What's your favourite thing about teaching?
I love playing with words and I think that English a very creative and musical language. I believe that both teaching and learning can be a fun activity for the brain.

5. How do you make sure your students are engaged and meeting their personal goals?
I usually dedicate some time to understanding the student's background, interests, and requests to customise our lessons. There is always a method to succeed!

6. What's something you could talk about for hours?
Any topic in English is interesting to me. I usually have fantastic conversations with my students about art, politics, technical terms, finance, life and family in general. I am always interested in my students' lives and opinions.

7. Finish the sentence: In the last 12 months, I have...
.....taught simple present and present continuous hundreds of times.. and I still love doing it! 

8. What's the #1 advice you give to your students?
"Study hard, but don't stress!" After all, learning must be a pleasure and a positive experience!

9. What's your favourite word in English?
Hard to say, really. I love expressions that remind me of my friends in the UK or something I have learned in funny situations like "keep your eyes peeled!". I also love tongue twisters, but idioms definitely raise my linguistic curiosity as they show how similar or different languages can be. They are also a peculiar insight into British culture. My favourite one is "the pot calling the kettle black". Can you think of an Italian expression for it?

10. If you weren't a teacher, what other type of job would you like to have?
I have had different kinds of jobs as part of my professional development and eventually, I am happy to say that I feel quite skillful as a language teacher, most of all when the quality of teaching and passion for languages is strictly requested and highly rewarded. If I weren't a teacher, I would probably go back to the UK and work in a travel agency.

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